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Antuan D'Angelo was born on the west coast of the United States, in the forests of Oregon. It was never disclosed whom his birth parents were or where exactly he was born; however, Antuan vividly recalls the steam rising from the forest floor  snow blankets evaporating, endless trails, and the fog surrounding the mountain caps. Antuan resided in a single dwelling hut during early childhood and has a unique bond with the Oregon Willamette National Forest. 


Antuan was a member of a small group of nomads; elder members were known as Fa or Mo, and referred to younger members of the village based on their gender or hierarchical position.     

Antuan met Anthony while exploring the Willamette National Forest, east of Eugene, Oregon. Anthony was searching for Golden Chanterelles and in the depths of the forest, saw Antuan collecting water from a stream. Antuan was wearing a robe with a large red cross on his back and had black face paint rubbed across his eyes. 


Antuan later self-baptized in that same stream, as a cleansing ritual, prior to leaving the village and embraced his new identity of Antuan D'Angelo. Anthony participated in the cleansing ritual and Antuan felt as if their bond was solidified and the development of a new life would begin. 

The adjusting to city living is in progress. 


Antuan D'Angelo is based out of Portland, Oregon, and his style is an array of abstract, modern, low brow and pop culture. Antuan has dedicated 2019 to the year of the Divine Feminine. His collection 100 YONIS commenced on January 1st, 2019 and concluded on April 10th, 2019.